Roham Shamekh


Roham Shamekh was born in 1994 in Tehran, Iran. Raised by a Persian family, studied interior design at university and worked as a professional photographer at the same time then he spent his life traveling and working in Europe and many countries in Asia and had famous Clients and collectors.

Now Shamekh is working In various fields as a photographer, designer and artist.

This culturally diverse lifestyle is reflected in his inspired, eclectic designs, which range from homes, and commercial spaces to business interiors and furniture designs.

As an interiors and objects designer, Shamekh’s work is influenced by famous bohemian artists of Europe. Each of his projects, be it a private residence or a piece of furniture, carries in it elements that are modern yet familiar.

His style is by turns playful, sexy and chic, and he is not afraid to go extreme in shapes and colours. He has had many specific projects as an interior designer and has adopted his own stye in this regard

Including his latest Collection called CBD which is inspired by the nature, plants ,geometric shapes.


His vision contains use of art tools (a combination of painting and making large volumes) and execution and presentation thereof in art and photography and home appliances industry. He aims at making use of these artworks for practical purposes in daily life and layout, assisting reminiscence of main concepts and meaning of life and inspiring liveliness of color, finally influencing mood and spirit of the public. He intends to hold a new place in this arena, present a new and special style, and register it.