He professionally started interior architecture and design and equipment in 2014, and implemented residential and non residential projects.
He has held several exhibitions for Iranian Baluch artists, within the framework of charities, dubbed “Iran has villages”, Iran and a Prosperous Tomorrow, raising sale of Baluch products through making use of his art in layout (decoration).

Exhibitions including a combination of photography, painting, interior design, designing and making interior equipment and decorative during his art activities. He is interested in combination of art, representing a special skill, holding successful and influential exhibitions by making use of this skill.

  • Daydream, Tehran, 2020
  • Iran Has Villages Too, Tehran, 2018
  • Revision, Tehran, 2018
  • Fluotrscent2 Event, Tehran, 2017
  • Group Exhibition Annual Sale, Tehran, 2017
  • A Piece Of Life, Tehran, 2017
  • Child Labour Wish Market, Tehran, 2016
  • Younger Than Life, A Group Photo Exhibition, 2015